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We Provide The Best Extreme Auto, Marine, RV, & Aviation Professional Detailing & Ceramic Coating Application's!!!

 Texas Coast Ceramic Coating & Mobile Detailing is a family-owned & operated service.  We have been providing optimum services since 2017.  Our team has extensive detailing experience that goes over and beyond the timeframe than we have been open.  We take great pride in all of our services.  It is always our goal to achieve a 5-star ating on every job we tackle.  Our services are targeted at Vehicles, Motorcycles, Boats, Watercraft, RVs, Campers and Recreational Vehicles!

Professional Ceramic Coating Packages:

  • (Accredited Installer) Pro Marine Ceramic Coating (Glidecoat & Gtechniq) (3 Year Warranty)

  • Pro Auto Ceramic Coating (3 Year & 6 Year Warranty)

  • Pro RV Ceramic Coating (18 Month Warranty)

  • Glass & Plexiglass Ceramic Coating

  • Pro Motorcycle Ceramic Coating (3 Year Warranty)

  • Pro Aviation Ceramic Coating 

  • Rinse On Ceramic Coating (Gtechniq)

  • Exhaust Tip Ceramic Coating

  • Pontoon Ceramic Coatings (4-5h Hardening Thats Equal To The Thickness Of Steel)

  • Inflatable Ceramic Coating

  • Vinyl & Fabric Ceramic Coating (3 Year Warranty)

Professional Detailing Packages:​

  • Marine Mobile / In Shop Detailing

  • Auto Mobile/ In Shop Detailing

  • RV Mobile Detailing

  • Gel Coat Correction (Oxidation Removal)

  • Paint Correction (Surface Scratches & Paint Imperfections)

  • Aluminum / Metal Restoration

  • Upholstery Shampooing

  • Scum Line Removal

  • Trim Restoration

  • Rim & Wheel Polishing

  • Window Tint

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